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We have no listings and DO NOT represent sellers.... A buyer could save thousands of dollars with us!
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What we do when we represent only the buyer in each part of the purchase process:

First keep in mind that we are not "commission based"

  We will show you any homes available in the market and of which we are aware. These would include homes not listed in the MLS.  We will also show you homes below the amount that your lender approves for a mortgage.

A typical Realtor would usually show you properties in a price range at the top of what the bank approves for a loan, thus, they would make the most commission. For example, imagine that a buyer wanted a four bedroom home in Hoopeston, and there were 3 MLS listings of 4 bedroom homes.  One is priced at $90,000, the second is priced at $75,000, and the third is priced at $45,000.  There also happens to be a house For Sale By Owner with 4 bedrooms priced at $80,000.  Imagine the bank has approved our buyer to buy a home priced around $85,000.  Because the Realtor is commission based, she would likely show the $90K house and the $75K house while avoiding the other two.  The $45K house would net them only half of the commission available to them if the buyer spent all the money available to him, and the $80K house may not give them any commission at all. 

If in fact the $45,000 home suited the needs of our buyer, the buyer wouldn’t save only $40,000 off of the purchase price, he would also save thousands of dollars of interest on the money he didn’t have to spend.  He would also be paying less in property taxes on an annual basis, and there would likely be savings on insurance.  But sadly, the way real estate is often done, our buyer may never even see this property.

Since we at Home Buyer’s Perspective Realty are not driven by commissions we are not motivated to encourage you to spend your entire pre-approved funds.  Also we have no fear of showing properties where the seller is paying no commission.   

  We will provide buyers with professional advice and guidance in finding the right property at the right price.  We will provide you with a market analysis for any property that interests the buyer so as to help the buyer determine what it is really worth, regardless of the asking price.

  We will assist you in locating and selecting other professionals who will aid you in the home buying process.  The right lender, home inspector, attorney, or insurance provider can make all the difference.  The right professionals will ensure the property and the process meets the buyer's requirements.

  We will assist you in preparing an offer to purchase the property for the best price and the best terms.

  We will professionally present your offer to the seller or their representative.

  We will provide the buyer with an estimate of the costs involved in the entire closing process

  We will monitor performances of other professionals involved in the transaction to make sure all services are promptly and correctly completed.

  We will accompany you to the closing conference to verify that all terms and conditions of the purchase agreement are met, and completed at that time.

  We will never reveal to the seller any information you discussed with us in confidence.

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