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"Just because we only represent Buyers doesn't' mean we don't care about Sellers"...

 There are only three things that sell a home:  its condition, its price, and its marketing.

The condition of the home includes its location, age, curve appeal, functionality of design (does one have to go through someone’s bedroom to get to the bathroom), its square footage, number of rooms, cleanliness, attractiveness of color scheme, etc.  A Realtor can do nothing about the property’s condition short of making some suggestions.  The condition of the property rests solely in the hands of the Seller.

The price is entirely at the discretion of the Seller.  If the house is overpriced, it is unlikely to sell no matter how nice it is or how much marketing is done.  One pricing challenge that is common in the market today is the debt load on the home.  Often a person can mortgage the property for up to 100% or more of its value.  Then when it comes time to sell, they need to pay off the mortgage, pay a 6% sales commission, and pay 3% or more in closing costs.  So, often the house has to be over priced.  Another trap a seller might fall into is counting the cost of every improvement.  (new roof -- $7,000, new tub surround -- $500, chain link fence three years ago -- $1,200, carpeting two years ago -- $4,000, painted the kid’s room last year -- $500 therefore my house must be worth $13,200 more than my neighbor’s house that sold last week.)  This is faulty thinking.  The overpriced house simply serves as a framework for the Realtor’s sign and advertising.  Sometimes local Realtors will parade their buyers through the overpriced house first, then show the correctly priced house thereby causing the buyers to believe they are getting a bargain.  But again, the price is in the Seller’s absolute control.

The only thing the Real Estate Professional can do for the Seller is marketing.  When you hire a Realtor to represent you, make sure they provide you with a specific marketing plan.  They will all list it in the MLS, put their sign out front (free advertising for them) and wait for an agent from Home Buyer’s Perspective Realty or another agency to bring the buyer.  Instead of just these things, make the Realtor provide you with a specific plan.  Ask them when you will see your home advertised in Homes Magazine.  When will your home be advertised in the two major newspapers?  What is the date of the open house?  Will they do a Broker’s open house?  Will your house be on TV?  When?  In short, have the agent tell you specifically what he or she is going to do to market your house and on what specific dates.  Interview many agents and be careful not to go with an agent just because she tells you she can get you $10,000 more than all the neighbors’ houses are selling for.  Use the agent with the best marketing plan. 

If the property is properly marketed and it still doesn’t sell, then you have a problem with its condition or its price.

   Sellers you should also consider the following before placing your home on the market.

While we charge no fees to sellers - nor list their homes, we do maintain a list of all
FSBOs (For Sale By Owners) property.

Since we already have buyers we represent it make sense to give us a call first before contracting to list your home with a Real Estate Sales office?

We could save you a substantial amount of selling costs to sell your home, since one of our buyers may be looking for just your home right now.

Checking with us first could result in a quick sale of your home for you.

What have you to lose by calling us FIRST?...
Well you already know the answer if you read this far...give us a call today

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