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We have no listings and DO NOT represent sellers.......................... A buyer could save thousands of dollars with us! 

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Home Buyer's Perspective unique fee system is simple and effective.

We charge a flat fee to the contracting buyer of $2,000.00 (Two-thousand dollars).
All of the resources and services on the
What We Do page are included in the one time fee.

Out of this $2,000 flat fee, Home Buyer’s Perspective Realty, Inc. will credit to the buyer at closing the following amounts:

            $100 toward the home inspection 

            $50 toward Buyer’s attorney representation

            $50 toward a Buyer’s home warrantee

Should we receive any sales commission from the seller’s representatives on the home you purchase, you would be credited back any amount above what is contractually owed. 

Remember, both the seller and buyer will need to incur many expenses and expert advice to assure a legal and carefully protected home purchase, and many of these services are already part of the cost of your buyer's flat fee.

The example following illustrates how we can do this.

 Let us examine the transaction on the purchase of a $100,000 home. The typical commission is 6% which is generally split between the listing Broker’s office and the selling Broker’s office (in this case Home Buyer’s Perspective Realty, Inc.)   

Total commission = $6,000

Commission to the selling office at 50% = $3,000

Since our fee is only $2,000 this is all we are owed.  Any commissions coming to us from the listing Broker would offset this fee under our exclusive agreement with you.  In this case we would be paid $3,000 when we are owed only $2,000.   

Depending on the advice of your attorney, we would either give you a credit of $1,000 at closing, or we would apply it towards your first payments(s).

In this scenario you would get cash applied on your payment(s) in the amount of $1,000 simply for letting Home Buyer’s Perspective Realty, Inc. help you get the best deal on your home.

Keeping in mind that you may have negotiated a better price because our advice and guidance was not motivated by "commissions" based on how much you paid for the home, we may have helped you save a great deal more money than the $1,000.
Let us look at a $50,000 home purchase to make this transaction clear. In this case at 6% commission:

Total commission = $3,000

Commission to the seller at 50% = $1500

Your flat fee was $2,000, and we credit you at closing with $1,500, thus you would pay to us at closing $500 after receiving all the services and benefits we offer.  Again, keep in mind that you may have also saved money on the price since "commissions” are never our consideration.  In fact, we may have helped you save a great deal more than the $500 up front along with the monthly savings in interest on money you didn’t have to borrow.

Remember the additional savings you will gain on buyer services from other professionals like home inspectors and attorneys, savings over the typical home buyer.

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